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BASH script to check a list of proxy IP addresses

Some websites in North America do allow access to people from the rest of the world. You can access them via publicly available proxy IP addresses in that region. There are many websites that provide lists of proxy IP addresses … Continue reading

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My DIY radio & MP3 player with built-in tweeter, mid & woofer speakers

The woofer is from an old 2.1 Philips PC desktop speaker. The speaker cone was replaced recently. The FM antenna is just a wire. The mid & tweeter speakers on the rear are new. They are full-range speakers, not really … Continue reading

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Subhash TweetsToRSS Server app for Android v2015.12.08 adds world location sliders

Now, you can Twitter search results to within 15 miles of a location (if you know its coordinates).

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Subhash Browser & Feed Reader for Android v2015.12.16 adds export to OPML option

Subhash Browser can now export its feeds to OPML format so that the feeds can be imported in other feed readers or devices. Apart from the regular URL property for each feed, Subhash Browser adds a custom URL property that … Continue reading

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