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Subhash Browser for Android adds browser disguise to the menu

While Subhash Browser had browser useragent disguise all along, it was buried in the Settings menu. Any changes would require a browser restart. Now, that is fixed. I have added the browser disguise options to the menu. You can now … Continue reading

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How to save your tweets as PDF – Use WkhtmlToPDF and TweetsToRSS

The command to use is: wkhtmltopdf -g -s A3 “http://localhost:8080/?num=100&output=html&q=%23gold%20price” name-of-output.pdf [/bash] WKhtmlToPDF is konqueror browser under the hood. The good thing about it is the links are all preserved.

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My DIY Boom Box doing time with AC adapter and hanging bed switch

I got lots of speakers, media players and amplifiers. I have two amplifiers in development. So, I moved my original LM386 DIY Boom Box to the kitchen where it is powered by a AC adapter. To cut the power when … Continue reading

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DIY RJ45 plug locking tab protector made from cable sheath

With great hope, I cut a piece of the sheath and stuck it to the RJ-45 plug (I crimped a new one today) just below the locking tab, taking inspiration from the Sugru RJ-45 protector on I don’t know … Continue reading

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