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For nearly 10-years now, Dave Winer says, he has been trying to create RSS feeds for 8-year-old Twitter!

There is a war on RSS and there is no room for two TweetsToRSS. When the guy who helped establish RSS does this, then can you really blame fresh programmers when they say they have 10-years experience in HTML5 programming? … Continue reading

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User CSS (stylesheet) for DuckDuckGo website – Improves readability

This stylesheet was featured in my February 2016 article in Open Source For You (OSFY) magazine.

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Install Caja Actions for Mate Desktop, the fork of Nautilus Actions Configuration

Mentioned in my March 2016 article in Open Source For You (OSFY) magazine In Mate desktop, the file manager is not Nautilus but caja. And, Nautilus Actions Configuration (created by Roberto Majadas) does not work with caja. Wolfgang Ulbrich has … Continue reading

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Donate to Free Software Foundation or FSF on its 30th anniversary of serving the cause of freedom and free software

Listening to Klaatu on the podcast over and over has had a bad effect on me. I have been feeling compelled to donate to Richard Stallman’s Free Software Foundation. I had made a resolution not to buy anything online … Continue reading

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Urdu version of Subhash Browser for Android

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Run Opera browser 12.x DragonFly web developer tool locally

Once a path-breaking web browser, Opera is now just another Google Chrome clone. I still use the pre-Blink 12.x Presto-based Opera browser and it remains my primary browser of choice even now. I use its Developer Tools utility quite often. … Continue reading

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