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NetCheck v2019.02.09 for Linux, Mac and Windows

NetCheck v2019.02.09 for #Linux, #Mac and #Windows adds ability change ping URL and interval (20 to 300 seconds) via the command-line arguments and notification tray icon menu. The Android version can already change the URL (but not the interval).



NetCheck v2018.04.24 for Android adds option to change ping URL

http://www.vsubhash.com/article.asp?id=140&info=Net Check_for_ GNU_ Linux_ Windows_ Mac_and_ Android

Yesterday, pinging https://google.com with a HEAD request did not work. GET had no problem. No https domain links were working with HEAD.

So, I switched to using URLs of main logo images from top sites. That worked.

I have now added an option for the user to change the ping URL. NetCheck works again.

… URL.


NetCheck v2017.10.21 adds autoclose and newer icons (Android/Linux/Mac/Windows)

  • All platforms: Newer icons.
  • Android: 5-second autoclose with cancel function. Option to launch sound volume settings.
  • Linux/Mac/Windows: Optional command-line parameters “noaudio” and “nopopup” to disable audio and popup notifications. For example, any of these
    java -jar NetCheck.jar noaudio
    java -jar NetCheck.jar nopopup
    java -jar NetCheck.jar noaudio nopopup

NetCheck app for Android