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On How to create a font samples document for your system

My latest article will be useful for web designers and graphic artists.

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Subhash Browser for Android v2016.06.01 adds new context menu options in feed reader

New context menu options for images loaded by web feeds preview have been added. These options make it easier to save images and copy their addresses. A bug affecting the browser in fullscreen mode (switching tabs causes a crash) … Continue reading

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Javadhu powder – a healthy non-toxic non-alcoholic perfume

Muslims use attar because it is not based on alcohol. Similarly, Javadhu powder is a traditional cosmetic used in South India for millennia. Today, it is made by village self-help groups and others on a cottage industry scale. Last year, … Continue reading

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Cartoons of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin & Hillary Clinton

Outlined in Inkscape & colored in Gimp Donald Trump Vladimir Putin Hillary Clinton

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Bike trip to Palani from Palakkad

If you want to avoid the crowds, choose a weekday and start early. By early, I mean that you want to get there by 8-9 o’ clock. Around noon, the nada will be closed for an hour. So, try to … Continue reading

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RIP Michael J Kaplan (of Sorting It All Out blog)

If MS (Multiple Sclerosis) did not kill him, then another MS (Microsoft) certainly had helped him meet fate. In his heyday, Michael Kaplan was one of the most popular guys on MSDN (a Microsoft website devoted to software developers.) At … Continue reading

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How to write citations with Markdown & retain links in your article’s references section

I use Markdown to write articles but it surprisingly does not support citations. Markdown simply removes all references after it creates hyperlinks in the output. Today, I was writing an article today with markdown and decided to find a solution. … Continue reading

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