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The Russian Samovar from the Leo Tolstoy story in CBSE/NCERT English reader It apparently has Persian & Kashmiri variants – all known by the same name.,_but_Waits Advertisements

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Famous movies of the Soviet Russia

In the grand old days when Doordarshan was the sole broadcaster, only two films were available per week – Hindi on Saturday and Tamil on Sunday. Monday morning talk invariably revolved around those two movies as everyone would have seen … Continue reading

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EmailTweetor v2018.02.14 for #Android supports favoriting or as they say [yuck!] ‘liking’

New pictorial icons have been introduced in place of flat buttons. Now, you can ‘tweet’ a Twitter ‘status’ URL as is, or you can favorite or retweet it using the new icon buttons. EmailTweetor v2018.02.14 for #Android • supports 'favoriting' … Continue reading

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Subhash Browser & Email Tweetor updated to support automatic tweet replies & GIF animation

Subhash Browser has been updated to transmit the Twitter message URL to EmailTweetor from the feed reader. When EmailTweetor receives such a message, it automatically sets the “tweet” URL as the reply-to URL. (Of course, if you choose to do … Continue reading

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Decades of the 21st century should simply be named twenty-nadas or twenty-zeroes (2k0s), twenty-tens (2010s), twenty-twenties (2020s) and so on

2000s – The Twenty Nadas or the Twenty Zeroes or the 2k0s 2010s – The Twenty Tens or the 2010s 2020s – The Twenty Twenties or the 2020s … The first decade can be referred as the Nada as nada … Continue reading

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Subhash Browser for Android v2018.01.18 adds MD5 & SHA1 checksum (hash) support for file downloads

After yesterday’s update, I copied the APK installer file to the memory card of a phone. The file just wouldn’t install the update. It was corrupt. So I decided to add support for checksum hashes to the file explorer and … Continue reading

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Subhash Browser & Feed Reader v2018.01.17 for Android adds new RSS update option

Earlier, the Update button updated the current RSS feed, as selected by the Feeds button. A different feed could not be updated. If the current feed did not have any new articles, then you will have to idle until the … Continue reading

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