ISRO Weather Satellite Image for Indian Cloud Cover and Rain Forecast

Images are delayed by one hour.

I wish ISRO officials went back to using Frontpage or Word to create their websites. Just when I thought I had a good bookmark for the cloud cover picture taken by our mighty weather satellites, they go ahead and drop a ton of Javascript junk on the site to create a few lightweight special effects.

Here is the code for a bookmarklet that hopefully will work for some time. Save this code in a text file with the extension “.html” or “.htm”. Then, open this HTML file in a browser and bookmark the displayed link. Now, when you click the bookmark, the latest weather picture will be displayed. After you create the bookmark, you do not need the HTML file. You can delete it.

<a href="javascript:(function() {
try {
  var dtNow = new Date();
  var iYear = dtNow.getUTCFullYear();
  var iMonth = dtNow.getUTCMonth();
  var iDay = dtNow.getUTCDate();
  var iMinute = dtNow.getUTCMinutes();
  var iHour = dtNow.getUTCHours();
  /*window.alert(iHour + ' ' + iMinute);*/
  if (iHour < 1) {
    iHour = 23;
  } else {
  var TIME = (iHour > 9)?(iHour+'00'):('0'+iHour+'00');
  if (iMinute > 30) {
    TIME = (iHour > 9)?(iHour+'30'):('0'+iHour+'30');
  /*window.alert(iDay + ' ' + TIME);*/
  var arMonths = [ 'JAN', 'FEB', 'MAR', 'APR', 'MAY', 'JUN', 'JUL', 'AUG', 'SEP', 'OCT','NOV','DEC' ];
  if (iDay < 10) {
    sUrl = '' + iYear + '/0' + iDay + arMonths[iMonth] + '/3DIMG_0' + iDay + arMonths[iMonth] + iYear + '_' + TIME + '_L1C_ASIA_MER_BIMG.jpg';
  } else {
    sUrl = '' + iYear + '/' + iDay + arMonths[iMonth] + '/3DIMG_' + iDay + arMonths[iMonth] + iYear + '_' + TIME + '_L1C_ASIA_MER_BIMG.jpg';
  location.href = sUrl;

} catch (e) { window.alert('Bookmarklet error: ' + e); }
})()">ISRO Weather Satellite Picture</a>

Another reason to hate Google – Locking out email clients (Thunderbird, Seamonkey… even Outlook)

What the hell is a ‘less secure app’? POP and SMTP servers fail to accept username and password credentials.

If you have not been using your email client (desktop software or mobile app) for a while, then Gmail will automatically disable access to it. This is all right from a security standpoint.

When you get back to the client and try to access the mail after the hiatus, Google will send a “Security Alert” message to that email address, even though you are unable to access it.

When you login through the web interface, then you will see these ‘alert’ messages. In the message, it will ask you to verify that it was really you that accessed the inbox. Even if you answer positively identify that it was you and go through their stupid security checkup, email client access will still be blocked.

Google knows what the user wants but is trying to take advantage of their ignorance to shove them towards their proprietary apps or the gmail web interface.

The solution is to go to this URL and move their stupid slider to the ON position.

Restore POP and SMTP server email access to Outlook, Thunderbird and Seamonkey

Their POP and SMTP servers are secured by SSL so what is this ‘less secure’ label? FUD.

The 2020 Jokebook finally published!

‘2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone’ lists at $9.00, £8.00, €7.00 on The ‘For Kids’ subset got listed at $7.00, £6.00, €7.00.

These prices are for a limited time only, as for offline sales (to brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries) higher prices are required.

Happy customers? Ha! That’s a joke!

You can download a free sample PDF with 60 pages and 180 jokes from:

2020 Fresh Clean Jokes
For Everyone
2020 Fresh Clean Jokes
For Kids
Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon
Assures 2020 original jokes
Contains 3100+ jokes in total 2200+ jokes in total
Pages 273 176
Contains Full book Two-third
Targets 20 and above Ages 10-19
Family-friendly All All
Politically hot Included Not included
Ebook Will not be published
The older subset 400 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone is available separately for $3.
Future paperback price $11.00 $9.00
A higher price is necessary for offline sales (bookstores, libraries,…)
Special introductory price $9.00, £8.00, €7.00 $7.00, £6.00, €7.00
I will not enable offline sales for a limited time.

The 2020JokeBook subset ‘2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Kids’ published as paperback on Amazon

The ‘For Everyone’ paperback is still under processing.

I uploaded the children’s subset (‘For Kids’) and the full jokebook (‘For Everyone) on the 17th, expect that Amazon would take three days, as they usually do. The ‘For Kids’ paperback got published unexpectedly early on the 19th.

In the meantime, I am creating mockup photos for the book using royalty-free stock images from

The 2020 Jokebook to be finally released on 20 July 2020

Released as two paperbacks ‘For Everyone’ (full) and ‘For Kids’ (two-thirds).

With year 2020 passing by pretty fast and the panicpandemic lockdown showing no indication of being lifted, I have to self-publish the book. No more waiting.

I thought this was the biggest book of original jokes but there is a book with more jokes. I am unable to check if the jokes are original.

Free sample of the 2020 Jokebook

  • One of the chapters (*Journalism Jokes*) in this book has color photographs and screenshots. I am unable to provide it printed in colour because it would make the book expensive. So, this free sample contains the entire chapter in full colour.
  • In all, this 60-page PDF document has 181 jokes. (Booksellers limit how much a free sample can have.)
  • For obvious reasons, I cannot provide the best jokes in this sample. However, I hope you like the selection and buy the book.
  • If you like the book after buying, do not forget to leave a review or rating on one of the store sites.
  • Those who subscribe to my email newsletter will get this PDF with better quality and without trial marks.

The older paperback version with only 470 jokes has been withdrawn. The ebook version will remain on Amazon and other sites.

2020 Jokebook Cover Creation Video

The instructional steps for this video is available on my new onsite blog. A few days ago, I added a blogging feature to SqlSiteServer, my Javascript-free CMS.

How to load a light version of Youtube? Welcome to YoutubeLite!

Also adds an RSS feed for the channel, direct link to videos page, and video/subtitle file downloads.

I installed Linux Mint with Mate desktop a few days ago. I hoped to move all my stuff to that the new OS but it has been delayed. I cannot use an OS unless it has been beefed up with my shell scripts, Nautilus Action Configuration scripts and my browser scripts. This is taking time.

So, I decided to switch back to my old obsolete OS and what do you know happened? The boot menu option failed to work. I then chrooted my old OS and reinstalled its boot menu. Now, that will not boot the new OS. I left it at that.

And, in my old browser, Youtube stopped its old-browser support and started loading slow heavy crappy pages with big text. My old Firefox browser is unable to load even one page!

Initially, I wrote a scrip to replace all Youtube links with Hooktube links. But their abilities are limited. So, I said “junk that” and wrote this new version of the Youtube Annoyance Remover. It is called Youtube Lite!. With it installed in the Greasemonkey add-on, I open videos in several tabs. The script waits for a while, lets the video load, mutes it, copies its video link, nukes the Youtube video player and then loads the link in a native video player of the browser. The old version used to remove the “Recommended for you” related videos but this one removes all related videos. If you want them, then open them in new tabs while the script is waiting. If you have good Internet speed, then the script may not wait at all.

YoutubeLite discards the custom video player that Youtube uses and loads the video in the native video player of the browser.

I could not load the video description in HTML. The links are not interactive. I will fix that soon.

Now, I can continue to download the videos using the DownThemAll extension. Because of persistent disturbances in the Internet and electrical connection and because of low speeds, I am unable to stream videos. I have to play them offline.

The GreaseMonkey code is available on GitHub. Use it with the GreaseMonkey Firefox add-on from the CA Archive.

If Youtube does not want to encourage these customizations, then they should do to Youtube video pages what they did to Youtube Studio pages that video uploaders have to use. That junk does not even load in my browser.

A big multinational tax-evading corporation should at least write their own Javascript code. Instead, these Google developers overload pages with hundreds of scripts from junk Javascript frameworks with their junk models-and-controllers junk! Only junk developers write this framework junk. Only junkier developers use it in their pages.

Please replace the word junk in the above paragraph with the street slang for crap.

CommonMark Ready Reference – The first book on CommonMark standard of MarkDown has been published

UPDATED: The MarkDown ebook ($1) and paperback ($4) are available on

CommonMark ( is replacing Markdown as the de facto standard for low-markup text. CommonMark hit the ground with a well-defined standard from Day 1 and is set to replace and overtake MarkDown. and other sites have already adopted it. This book provides a tutorial, hacks collection and a ready reference for the new standard.

Book cover of CommonMark Ready Reference

The covers of the book is a more robust MarkDown cheatsheet or quick reference card.

On, I provide Linux and Windows executables that I built from the CommonMark C code. The executables are several times faster than the perl program at, where the original MarkDown is hosted.

I am also providing a free download of the black-n-white version of the CommmonMark reference card.