LM386 amplifier in stereo & a repurposed tablet battery


LM386 is a mono amplifier IC. I couldn’t find a stereo version of it that was just as robust and simple. So, I designed a circuit with two LM386 chips. That was several months ago.


In the meantime, my BlackBerry Playbook refused to charge. Because of disuse, the battery deep-discharged. There are many videos online offering all kinds of solutions but none worked for me. BlackBerry decided, in their infinite wisdom, to control the charging process using a novel logic, which absolutely refused to charge the battery if the voltage went below some limit. After dismantling the tablet beyond repair, I realized that I could have saved the tablet by opening the plastic cover & directly charge the terminals.

Well… I then had two good tablet batteries and a broken tablet. I decided use it for something. These were high-capacity batteries but like phone batteries output only 3.7 volts.

I got a phone battery charging circuit board that took 5 volts in. It has two LEDs – charging & fully charged. The board also has two load terminals from which you could draw 3.7 volts just like a phone would.

My MP3/FM module requires 5 volts so I added a voltage boost (step up) circuit board.

My attempts to repurpose USB cables from discarded devices failed because they burned off internally during soldering. Hence, I fashioned my own USB cable.

I made a wooden housing for the player. The speakers have neodymium magnets and sound super loud. This is interesting because the stereo LM386 amplifier circuit runs off the same 5 volts. The MP3 module has FM, SD card, line in & USB. It is the same kind as those cheap Chinese FM/MP3 amplifier sets found in autorickshaws.

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Subhash Browser & RSS Feed Reader v2017.09.01 for Android pursues http redirects

The AndroidWithoutStupid library was updated to pursue http redirects (301, 302, 303).

Subhash Browser is now able to download files from redirected URLs. Latest APKs are available at:



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Subhash Browser for Android v2017.08.27 has a solution for slow internet connections

Sometimes, well… most of the time, the Information Superhighway is slow. No, this update can’t improve speeds.

In a previous update, I added the option of hiding the title bar of the app. After this, it became impossible to check if the background tab has loaded a link without manually checking it. So, I added this option. When a page has finished loading, it plays a “ding” ringtone.

New option to play audio ringtone after a page is loaded.

New option to play audio ringtone after a page is loaded in Subhash Browser for Android.

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Subhash Comic Viewer v2017.08.20 for Android brings separate print CSS stylesheet

Now, you can print your comics.

HTML web pages can have separate stylesheets for screen and the print. This update generates a different stylesheet for print. If you copy the extracted directory to your desktop computer and print the index.html web page, each page (image) of the comic will printed on a separate side of the paper.


CSS stylesheets generated by Subhash Comic Viewer displayed in file explorer of Subhash Browser

CSS stylesheets generated by Subhash Comic Viewer displayed in file explorer of Subhash Browser


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Subhash Comic Viewer for Android v2017.08.03.01 improves browser output


The file selection dialog remembers the last directory (in a session).

The browser page to view the comic has been improved. Viewing sizes are now fit browser width, 100%, 40%, & 80%.


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Subhash Browser & Feed Reader v2017.08.03 adds offline webpage saving in the RSS feed reader


Some websites publish entire articles in their RSS feeds. That makes it difficult to read them in the Web Feeds screen. The browser screen is better option for it has scroll buttons. Hence, the Visit button function has been updated. If you long press it, the internal HTML page will be loaded in the browser screen.


When using the soft keyboard of the edit box of the Search screen, the Search button was choosing the last enabled search engine. Now, it will choose the first engine.

Another new feature is a menu option to save links for offline reading in the RSS feed reader.


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Cartoon avatars of AJ Styles, Luke Harper & Brock Lesnar created in Inkscape

I have started drawing people (on paper) as they are playing on TV. If they look good, I draw them in Inkscape. This way the amount of time on the computer becomes less.

In this effort, AJ styles came out best. Shades in Brock Lesnar’s face blended indistinguishably when it was downsized.

Surprisingly, there are very few good images of WWE stars on the Net, particularly from the past. All were recent pictures.



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