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How to change the date format of the date column of Thunderbird or Seamonkey Mail

The date format of the date column in Thunderbird/Seamonkey Mail/IceDove is based on your current locale. If you want to shorten in it in a meaningful way, you need to change the locale. This is not a good thing to … Continue reading

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Kannada browser app available in latest version of Subhash Browser & Feed Reader

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Quark – a command line audio player for Linux – Bash script to add a directory to player

I was writing a Nautilus Actions Configuration script for adding a directory to the playlist of Audacious (the Winamp clone for Linux). Strangely, I forgot the name of the app. I did a search for command-line players but could not … Continue reading

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TweetsToRSS Server adds geolocation support

RSS feeds generated by TweetsToRSS Server will now include geolocation URLs if the original Tweet has that information. Most tweets don’t have this information (which is a good thing) but wherever available, TweetsToRSS Server will provide it as a link. … Continue reading

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Source code for CellTrack – My J2ME Cell Broadcast System (CBS) Tracking App

Today, I was finally able to get hold of the JAR file of my CellTrack J2ME. As I had mentioned earlier, all my J2ME apps had vanished from my computer. There was a possibility decompile Java class file in the … Continue reading

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