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EmailTweetor v2020.01.21 for Linux/Mac/Windows can list trolls (followers) and follow, unfollow, mute, unmute, block and unblock Twitter accounts

I will add a direct message option when the ones that I am following start following me.

I have written another book – a book of cartoons. I wanted the book to be privately reviewed by some American commentators and had to manually log into Twitter to follow them. ‘Following’ is the only way to send a direct message with the download link.

I also found that some accounts following my account. The only way to block an account is to visit that person’s timeline and then click on block option. I hate to look at these people. (I block everyone on Twitter and I do not follow anyone.)

So, I updated EmailTweetor with new options – trolls, follow, unfollow, block, unblock, mute, and unmute.

EmailTweetor.jar -jar trolls #list 1000 followers
EmailTweetor.jar -jar block HillaryClinton #blocks the mad cow
EmailTweetor.jar -jar unblock realJamesWoods #unblocks the jailed


EmailTweetor v2019.03.04 for Android adds unlock password and Twitter timeline support

Support for replying, favoriting, retweeting, and deleting tweets in the timeline.

  • A permanent scrollbar (one that does not fade away) will be available in the main screen. This feature is supported in Android versions 2 and newer.
  • A menu option to retrieve the “timeline” (tweets by you and others you follow) has been added.
  • Earlier, there was a context menu option to delete from the “Latest Tweets” section. Now, you can also reply, retweet and favorite on those tweets.
  • The text size of the Twitter message editing box has been increased.
  • A lock password will be required to use EmailTweetor. It is not an extremely secure password system. It can protect the Twitter client in case you hand over your phone to somebody else for just a few minutes.

    Unlock password for EmailTweetor

    Unlock password protects your Twitter client from misuse.

JAR executable (Linux/Mac/Windows) and APK installer (for Android) available at:

EmailTweetor v2019.02.20 for Android builds a list of tweets it creates

This feature should have been there from the beginning.

Earlier, the app used to copy the tweet URL to the email body. In this version, EmailTweetor will build a list at the bottom of the screen with the Twitter messages it creates. Each tweet in the list will have a context menu with which, you can copy the text or the URL. An option to delete/un-retweet/de-favourite the tweet is also available.


Tweets, retweets and favorites are differently colored for easy identification.

EmailTweetor (for Desktop) – the command-line Twitter client released for Linux, Mac and Windows

Like the Android version, it can tweet, reply, delete, favorite and retweet but it cannot alas email.

This terminal-based Twitter client can be operated interactively or automated using command-line parameters. To prevent your bash history from getting cluttered with unsightly tweets, you cannot specify the message in the command line. However, you can do pipe redirection or use a text file. The Twitter client is extremely powerful so I have not documented all of its features in the help.

EmailTweetor was made with Oracle Java version 1.8.0_101. So, ensure that your JVM (Oracle or OpenJDK) is newer or equivalent.

EmailTweetor lets you tweet from the command line.


EmailTweetor v2018.04.24 for Android adds Erase button


  • An erase icon has been added to the Twitter text box.
  • Added website icon to title bar. Earlier, it had a back button that crashed the whole thing.
  • The reply icon does not float.
  • The Twitter text counter has been moved up.

    EmailTweetor v2018.03.04 for Android adds icon to delete tweets by URL


    The fire extinguisher icon does it. The text of the deleted message will be echoed on the screen on last time. It will also be copied to the email for whatever reason you might need it.


    EmailTweetor v2018.02.14 for Android supports favoriting or as they say [yuck!] ‘liking’

    New pictorial icons have been introduced in place of flat buttons. Now, you can ‘tweet’ a Twitter ‘status’ URL as is, or you can favorite or retweet it using the new icon buttons.

    Subhash Browser & Email Tweetor updated to support automatic tweet replies & GIF animation

    • Subhash Browser has been updated to transmit the Twitter message URL to EmailTweetor from the feed reader. When EmailTweetor receives such a message, it automatically sets the “tweet” URL as the reply-to URL.

      A feed message sent from the feed reader of Subhash Browser to EmailTweetor.

      (Of course, if you choose to do this sort of reply, then you will have to delete the text that has been automatically copied to the “Twitter message” text box and type your reply in situ.)
    • EmailTweetor can now spread a message on up to 10 conjoined “tweets”.
    • EmailTweetor now stops dropping newlines.
    • EmailTweetor can now tweet animated GIFs. Many file pickers cannot provide the file location of the picked image. Hence, EmailTweetor converts the picked file to a temporary non-animated PNG. The new text box for pasting the image file location by passes file pickers and allows upload of images without any conversion to a useless PNG. You can copy the file location of image from the file explorer of Subhash Browser.

      Text box to manually paste the file location in EmailTweetor

    BTW, this GIF animation was created using the open-source app Fissure from Fdroid.org and tweeted using the updated EmailTweetor.

    Download EmailTweetor from: