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Solar Panel-Powered Phone-Battery Power Bank with LM7805 USB Voltage Regulator

I wanted a phone battery power bank with a built-in solar panel. This would not have worked, as my house does not get direct sunlight. However, I have a 7v solar panel that came with a BPL emergency light. I … Continue reading

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How To Play Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit In Linux using Wine

Use Windows 98 for installation and Windows 2000 emulation for play Getting Ready If you have the ISO CD image of the game, then open it with the Archive Manager application and extract its contents to a directory. If instead … Continue reading

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Best Indian Book On The Stockmarket PDF?

The Zebronics Zebmate 1.8 portable media player has a resistive screen and will not work with any video format except the obscure AMV. About “How To Invest In The Stock Market” How To Invest In Stocks is a free beginner’s … Continue reading

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DDPB – How to install APK files in BlackBerry and run Android apps

I converted Subhash Browser APK at the Good Reader website ( and installed the BAR file to my PlayBook tablet using the DDPB tool ( DDPB also requires Java to work. You also need to enable Developer Mode on the … Continue reading

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Subhash Browser & RSS Feed Reader can imitate other browsers by changing useragent string

Some websites, particularly banking websites, work only with Internet Explorer. Here is how you can cheat these stupid websites.

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After almost 14 years, Subhash VCDPlayer still rocks! Even in Windows 8.1!

This media player was first released in year 2000 and is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6. It used to work without issues until Windows 7. Only thing extra it required was Media Player Codec Pack for supporting all kinds … Continue reading

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How to wire a USB male port ? How to solder a USB male plug?

This photo explains it all. If the direction in which you plug it in is away from you, then the pins are positive (VCC 5+V), Data-, Data+, and negative (ground). The red wire (by tradition) is positive. It connects to … Continue reading

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