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A low-cost DIY desktop USB speaker

This plastic bottle came as a “free” item with a Horlicks pack. I put a speaker on top of it and harnessed it with a three-piece rubberband restraint. Inside the bottle, I have a PAM 8403 IC board, which I … Continue reading

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How to recycle laptop batteries – create low-cost DIY USB power banks with 18650 charger cases

USB power banks are selling for very high prices. Most provide 2000 to 3000 maH of charge. Some give 5000 mAH but cost around 6,000 rupees! Buying these expensive power banks is stupid. I bought a 20,000 maH power bank … Continue reading

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How to check if it will rain in India – Check the INSAT weather picture

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Where to get extra-large writing boards or pads in Chennai (Madras)?

When I was a kid, boards like these were pretty common. You could easily keep two or three books/notebooks on a boards and finish your homework. They were also common in offices where users would incline them on the edge … Continue reading

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