A low-cost DIY desktop USB speaker

This plastic bottle came as a “free” item with a Horlicks pack. I put a speaker on top of it and harnessed it with a three-piece rubberband restraint. Inside the bottle, I have a PAM 8403 IC board, which I had described before. The board make the job of creating an amplified speaker a simple matter of making connections to a DC jack, speakers, and stereo input jack. Just three sets of connections. Total cost would be less than Rs. 150. Performance is almost as good as the JBL Micro bluetooth speaker. Now, I feel like an idiot for having spent over Rs. 3000 on the latter.

Desktop USB speaker made from a plastic bottle.

The PAM 8403 IC board is a stereo speaker. It has two outputs. I have different lightweight speaker hanging in mid-air inside the bottle. I also have a blinking LED to tell me if it is powered on. I have also made a DC stereo cable today. In the photo, I am using a stereo cable I got with a Pinnacle TV tuner eons ago.

Oh, yes, I use that phone. It is a ladies Alcatel phone. It is a beautiful phone and the envy of everyone who sees it.