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VSubhash.com redesign

My site is now mostly static. Some scripts are still Classic ASP.

I have built a PHP-based CMS. This CMS supports dynamic scripts but mainly generates static article pages. There is no reason for an article page to have the overhead of a script and a database. This decision was prompted by my website’s hosting provider who did not provide a private directory in the same level as the public http directory. I did not want to place my databases and include files in a public folder.

Hence, all links have changed. Old links will be automatically redirected.

The look and feel remains the same.

The CMS will be released as FOSS, later when I fix the code. Both MarkDown and HTML content for articles are supported. The CMS does not require Javascript.


New article – Traditional, Kerala-style, Vastu-compliant house plans

One of five Vastu-compliant house plans  – one for each direction and one Nalukettu house with nadumuttam (open central courtyard).



In another article “Vastu Shastra FAQs”, I have provided the Vastu basis on which all of these plans were created. It will provide answers to all your Vastu-related questions.


Search Engine Heaven for Internet Explorer is back – Search from the Search Pane

Access popular search engines and websites from the IE search pane.

Bookmark http://www.vsubhash.com/ie or set it as the home page.

The Subhash Browser App for Android was formerly known as Search Heaven for Android. The Search Heaven app for was an Android App version of the Search Engine Heaven search page at http://www.vsubhash.com/search/). This page shows search results inside a IFRAME. Long before that, the Search Engine Heaven was originally created as a search pane page for Internet Explorer. After I moved to Firefox and then to Opera, I could not find time to maintain it and removed the IE version from the website. (IE sucked like hell. It still does quite a bit.)

These days, I have to use IE sometimes and I quite missed search pane-based search. So, today, I not only restored Search Engine Heaven for IE but also updated it quite a bit. Many of the defunct search engines have been removed and new ones have been added. Today’s version is also totally self-contained, that is, all code runs off HTML and JavaScript. There is no server-side code in it. The benefit of this is that even my custom server logs do not record users’ search requests. Thus, it is anonymous, as far as my web server is concerned. The typed characters are also not echoed to the search engines.

Search Engine Heaven in Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8)

Search Engine Heaven in Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8)

In the intervening years before this, Microsoft has bit by bit removed support for the search pane. I think I added some notoriety to the search pane by publishing details of an exploit that bypassed popup blockers. The F3 or Ctrl+E shortcut no longer works. This means that the old registry-hack installation has become obsolete. In IE11, the search pane has been removed completely.

Thus, in IE versions before 11, the only way to display the search pane is using a link target set to _search, either in HTML or via JavaScript.

The good thing about this is that in the current version of Search Engine Heaven for IE, there is no registry hack. You just need to add a bookmark for http://www.vsubhash.com/ie or set it as the home page. When you click the bookmark or the Home icon, the JavaScript inside this page loads the good-old Search Engine Heaven page into the search pane. Before you can use the search pane, there are a few browser settings that need to be changed.

  • In IE versions 6, 7, and 8, you need to set the popup blocker to allow popups from http://www.vsubhash.com.
  • In IE version 9 and 10, you need check the option “Enable website to use the search pane”.
Search Engine Heaven search pane page inside IE 10 in Windows 8. IE11 support is probably not available. All other versions are supported.

Search Engine Heaven search pane page inside IE 10 in Windows 8. IE11 support is probably not available. All other versions are supported.