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High-interest, monthly-payout, Indian NCDs are an alternative to Fixed Deposits (FDs)

The interest rates on bank FDs have been reduced. Corporate NCDs traded on BSE provide an alternative to bank FDs Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) are high-risk debt instruments issued by corporates. Unlike shares, they have no voting power. Some of them … Continue reading

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The Erase button (with Guy Fawkes icon) in Subhash Browser for Android clears everything – Clears history, cache, cookies & form data including passwords

Along with the Refresh button, very useful for Web designers who need to test web pages in a mobile browser By default, Subhash Browser does not remember history, cookies and form field data including password values. Of course, the … Continue reading

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HTML view source option for web pages in Subhash Browser for Android

Subhash Browser & Feed Reader is a browser app with special support for Web designers. The View Source option is one of many features that help in testing websites in Android devices.

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The best LM386 video tutorial ever!

Add a 1000 uF polarised capacitor between the positive and negative rails to eliminate noise that occurs when the voltage source is from an AC-DC adapter.

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