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EmailTweetor app for Android has been updated with new option to reply to another tweet

The new updated can be downloaded from: Here is an example of a Twitter message posted by EmailTweetor. It is a reply to another Twitter message specified using the new dialog option. 1/2 – @SubhashBrowser @SubhashBrowser This update of Subhash … Continue reading

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Subhash Browser & Feed Reader v2016.11.20 for Android supports un-minified user JavaScript files

Earlier, user JS files had to be minified, which made the JavaScript files unreadable and non-debuggable. Now, Subhash Browser will automatically remove newlines & carriage returns before executing the script in the files. (My article on User JavaScript is available … Continue reading

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Use environment-friendly soaps, not detergents

In a previous blog post titled How to make lye soap, I had mentioned that bathing soaps can be made at home. Recently, while shopping in a moffusil area in Kerala, I stumbled upon laundry soap brands. When I was … Continue reading

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