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Subhash Browser & Feed Reader for Android v2016.08.28 adds more options to download manager

More context menu options and many bug fixes. One of the context menu option will make open the directory containing the downloaded file. Although the download manager does a good job in guessing the name of the download file, my … Continue reading

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Subhash Browser & Feed Reader for Android v2016.08.25 adds a new download manager

Earlier, downloads were launched by the browser or the feed reader screen. Now, downloads are offloaded to a dedicated service for it. Hence, the browser code is now lighter. A separate Downloads screen has now been added.

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Subhash TweetsToRSS for Desktop v2016.08.24.39 adds Twitter search to Firefox browsers

OpenSearch support added In this update, the server will generate OpenSearch XML so that TweetsToRSS users can add it as a search engine in their OpenSearch-compatible browser such as Firefox.

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Subhash Browser & Feed Reader for Android v2016.08.15

RSS parser of my AndroidWithoutStupid Java library for Android updated. The RSS feed of lacks an RSS tag. Even my desktop Opera 12.x browser will not read from their RSS feed. (after a site revamp) generates their RSS … Continue reading

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Cool Terminal Tricks – new article in OSFY mag August 2016 edition

In the stands.

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How to make lye soap

Recently, I have been watching The Beverly Hillbillies episodes from ( In its first episode, there was a reference to home-made “lye” soap. Apparently, Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), a base, is called lye. Mixed with a limited quantity of water, … Continue reading

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