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Subhash TweetsToRSS v2017.10.21 restores account info (Android/Linux/Mac/Windows)

* Following/followers count and the account description has been restored to each account. It seemed to have disappeared mysteriously from HTML/RSS output.   Advertisements

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Subhash Browser & RSS Feed Reader v2017.09.01 for Android pursues http redirects

The AndroidWithoutStupid library was updated to pursue http redirects (301, 302, 303). Subhash Browser is now able to download files from redirected URLs. Latest APKs are available at:

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Subhash Comic Viewer for Android v2017.08.03.01 improves browser output

The file selection dialog remembers the last directory (in a session). The browser page to view the comic has been improved. Viewing sizes are now fit browser width, 100%, 40%, & 80%.

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Subhash Browser & Feed Reader v2017.08.03 adds offline webpage saving in the RSS feed reader

Some websites publish entire articles in their RSS feeds. That makes it difficult to read them in the Web Feeds screen. The browser screen is better option for it has scroll buttons. Hence, the Visit button function has been updated. … Continue reading

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Cartoon avatars of AJ Styles, Luke Harper & Brock Lesnar created in Inkscape

I have started drawing people (on paper) as they are playing on TV. If they look good, I draw them in Inkscape. This way the amount of time on the computer becomes less. In this effort, AJ styles came out … Continue reading

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Subhash Browser & Feed Reader v2017.07.02 goes full screen

Subhash Browser could go fullscreen earlier too but only without the title bar. Not so anymore. All the screens can go fullscreen now. The custom text boxes had an inactive ”Done” button when the onscreen keyboard was displayed. This has … Continue reading

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On How to create a font samples document for your system

My latest article will be useful for web designers and graphic artists.

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