Donate to Free Software Foundation or FSF on its 30th anniversary of serving the cause of freedom and free software

Listening to Klaatu on the podcast over and over has had a bad effect on me. I have been feeling compelled to donate to Richard Stallman’s Free Software Foundation. I had made a resolution not to buy anything online or spend unnecessarily and I have kept that resolution well. I guess this will not count. If you got money, send some of it to

I have been listening to old podcasts of Klaatu where he talks about Slackware and how great it is. More than a decade ago, I had read an article where Stallman says he uses a Linux distro named Slackware. Half way into the download (via a torrent), I learn that Slackware is no longer on the list of approved software by FSF, as it includes blobs of closed-source binary code (hardware related probably), which are strictly no-no by FSF standards. Approved Linux distros on FSF are Trisquel and a few others. DyneBolic is one of them, which I had used before to turn a PC into a dumb DVD player. Now, it does video and audio editing. I am confused now as to which distro to use. I always buy AMD laptops or build desktops with AMD CPUs. The integrated Radeon chips uses closed-source drivers. Otherwise it will not work. What can I do now?

I am stuck on Ubuntu 10.10, as it has Gnome 2 and works with my Nautilus Actions Configuration scripts. At work, I have installed Linux Mint 14 with Mate Desktop. It does not have Nautilus Actions Configuration and this adds a lot of hassle. With Slackware or Trisquel I may not even boot to a graphical desktop.

I did I tell ya.

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