User CSS (stylesheet) for DuckDuckGo website – Improves readability

This stylesheet was featured in my February 2016 article in Open Source For You (OSFY) magazine.

 * User CSS for
 * Improves readability.
.result__a {
  font-family: "Century Schoolbook L",              
               "Liberation Serif", FreeSerif, "DejaVu Serif",
               "Times CY", "Times CE", Palatino, "Lucida Grande",
               "Segoe UI",
               "Palatino Linotype",
               "Doulos SIL", "TITUS Cyberbit Basic",
               "Last Resort", "Arial Unicode MS",
               Roman, serif!important; ;
  color: rgb(0,10,220)!important;
  border-bottom-style: none!important;
  font-size: 0.65cm!important;
  text-decoration: none!important;
.result__a:visited {
  color: purple!important;
.result__snippet {
  color: black!important;
  font-family:  "Liberation Sans", FreeSans, "DejaVu Sans",
                   "Helvetica CY", "Helvetica CE", "Lucida Grande",                  
                   "Segoe UI",
                   "Lucida Sans Unicode",
                   "Doulos SIL", "TITUS Cyberbit Basic",
                   "Last Resort", "Arial Unicode MS",
                   Helvetica, sans-serif!important;
  font-size: 0.45cm!important;
.result__body { margin: 0.25cm auto!important; }
.result__url__domain {
  color: rgb(10,10,10)!important;
  font-size: 0.4cm!important;
#links { max-width: 9in!important; 
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