BASH script to check a list of proxy IP addresses

Some websites in North America do allow access to people from the rest of the world. You can access them via publicly available proxy IP addresses in that region. There are many websites that provide lists of proxy IP addresses ( Some proxies work on a special port. You just need to append the port number to the IP with a colon in between. For example, I usually copy the table to Calc (spreadsheet program) and then data-transform the pasted text to obtain the IP:port combination.

Testing the IPs in the list can be a hassle if you have do it manually using a browser. This BASH script can automate it. Just run it and see which proxy is fast. Press Ctrl+C when you find a good proxy. This script expects the proxy IP addresses to be placed in a file named proxy-list.

sed '/^$/d' proxy-list.txt > proxy-list2.txt

for sLine in $(< proxy-list2.txt); do
  export http_proxy="http://$sLine"
  echo "Testing $sLine"
  wget --spider --timeout=5 --tries=1
rm proxy-list2.txt
Output of the BASH script to check for working proxy IP addresses.

Output of the BASH script to check for working proxy IP addresses.

From the output of this script, you need to pick up those IPs that return “200 OK” status and put in a list of good working proxies. Then, create a new Firefox profile (firefox -ProfileManager) and changes its proxy to one from the working proxies list.

After that, whenever you need to access a site that is not available directly from your ISP, use the new Firefox profile that you created (firefox -P proxy-profile-name). Proxies tend to fail after some time but you can just use another from the list.

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