My DIY radio & MP3 player with built-in tweeter, mid & woofer speakers


The woofer is from an old 2.1 Philips PC desktop speaker. The speaker cone was replaced recently. The FM antenna is just a wire.

The mid & tweeter speakers on the rear are new. They are full-range speakers, not really mid-range tweeter speakers. Also, on the rear is a 2.1 mm DC plug socket.


The wood enclosure is cheap plywood on the front & back. Other four sides are MT boards.

The MP3 panel (Rs. 300) is the best part. It works splendidly – MP3 (USB disc & MicroSD card), radio and line in.

LM386-based circuit provides 20x amplification. A 3-way crossoverall board splits the audio to the speakers.


As operating voltage is 5 to 35v, anything from a PC USB or a mobile power bank or common mains power adapters can run the device.

Sound output is excellent with powerline noise eliminated with a 1000uf capacitor on the LM386 circuit.

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