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Solution to “AMD Unsupported Hardware” Watermark Linux GPU Driver Problem

And, the dreaded “No adapters were installed because compatible driver was not found” result.

The "AMD Unsupported Hardware" Watermark

The “AMD Unsupported Hardware” watermark haunts computers with newer hardware but running older drivers.

Linux users who buy a new AMD APU-based laptop may want install the proprietary GPU driver for improved 3D performance. Sometimes, the latest driver does not install properly and users are forced to use an older version.

This can be very frustrating as the older driver gets installed all right but it ends with a “No adapters were installed because compatible driver was not found” message. To compound the problem, the screen gets a “AMD Unsupported Hardware” watermark on the bottom-right corner.

Most solutions on the Web involved an old fixwatermark.sh solution from Phoronix.com website. This does not work with AMD A-series APUs such as A4, A6, A8, and A10. The proper solution is now available on the unoffical wiki page for AMD GPU Linux drivers. When using an old driver, there are no signatures for newer GPUs present in the computer. The solution, as given in the wiki, is to simply copy the control file of the latest driver and put them in your computer’s ATI driver directory.

Here is what you should do: Download the latest driver, extract it, copy the etc/ati/control file, and overwrite the /etc/ati/control file. The steps to follow are as follows:

cd ~
mkdir amd-gpu-driver
cd amd-gpu-driver/
wget http:amd-website-linux-gpu-driver-url-amd-driver.zip
tar -xvf amd-driver.zip 
sh amd-driver.run --extract driver
sudo mv /etc/ati/control ./control.bak
sudo cp driver/common/etc/ati/control /etc/ati