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Subhash TweetsToRSS v2018.09.20 adds support for extended text messages and bio of reply IDs

TweetsToRSS has been built with the latest Twitter4J library and it now supports messages beyond the 140-character limit.

When a tweet has been quoted for a reply, the quote will have the bio of that account.



How to download & play YouTube videos offline using Subhash Browser app for Android

Youtube videos don’t play in any of my Android devices, that is, in the browsers. I think their Javascript tries to launch the YouTube app and remains stuck there (because I delete/disable all Google apps).

Fortunately, my app has a Javasript script which lets me download the videos as a file for offline viewing.


Subhash Browser & Feed Reader v2018.05.10 for Android bypasses SSL errors to enable browsing on old phones

Going as far back as Donut or Android 1.6, which have been crippled by Google.

As mentioned in the intro page of Subhash Browser:

Subhash Browser is meant for casual browsing. It is not recommended for secure browsing, financial transactions, business activities or mission-critical operations

Another new feature is in the feed reader. It usually hides deleted articles. If you want to permanently articles, you hold the delete button for a while.

Download APK installer from


Subhash Browser & Feed Reader and TweetsToRSS for Android updated – v2018.04.29

Subhash Browser & Feed Reader v2018.04.29
The search function failed to find deleted articles. It also was I think unable to find articles where the search term appeared in the beginning of the title. Both bugs have been fixed.


TweetsToRSS v2018.04.29

As mentioned in the “Planned Obsolescence causes “This page requires some information that was not provided. Please …” article, TweetsToRSS for Android has been updated to accept Twit.bin files from the desktop version.

TweetsToRSS accepts Twit.bin file (from the desktop version) if copied to the top of your storage device.

Planned Obsolescence causes “This page requires some information that was not provided. Please …”

Google’s sneaky way of forcing you to upgrade your phone. It supported the HTTPS Everywhere campaign for non-altruistic reasons.

Many of my old Android devices are in good working condition – except the browser. The browser is unable to access many HTTPS websites. Google has made it impossible to update the CA certificate stores in Android devices knowing well this would render the devices unable to access websites using new SSL certificates. My LG phones has been quite a dog from the beginning. I have now decided to use it merely as a media player. Still, I wanted to see if TweetsToRSS would work. Hell no!

Twitter authentication fails in browsers on old Android devices

Subhash TweetsToRSS and EmailTweetor need authentication (a secret PIN generation) by Twitter. This is done using a browser app. When Google renders browser apps obsolete, there seems to be no way to authenticate these apps. No matter which browser you use, the Twitter PIN generation page throws the error “This page requires some information that was not provided. Please return to the site that sent you to this page and try again… it was probably an honest mistake.” Very misleading and uninformative.

  1. One way to avoid this problem is to email the Twitter authentication URL to a newer device or your desktop/laptop computer. Perform the authentication there and generate the PIN. Then type the PIN in your obsoleted device.
    How to email the Twitter authentication URL
  2. For TweetsToRSS, I have provided another solution. Copy the Twit.bin generated by the desktop version and copy it to your storage device.
    TweetsToRSS accepts Twit.bin file (from the desktop version) if copied to the top of your storage device.

AndroidWithoutStupid Java Library docs updated

Today, I tried to use the showAnswerPrompt method of MvMessages and found myself without any sample code. I had forgotten how to use it and had to copy a code snippet from Subhash Browser and add it to NetCheck. Finally, I updated its documentation.


I learned to use Apache Ant as well. Wow, what a difference command line can make!

NetCheck v2018.04.24 for Android adds option to change ping URL

http://www.vsubhash.com/article.asp?id=140&info=Net Check_for_ GNU_ Linux_ Windows_ Mac_and_ Android

Yesterday, pinging https://google.com with a HEAD request did not work. GET had no problem. No https domain links were working with HEAD.

So, I switched to using URLs of main logo images from top sites. That worked.

I have now added an option for the user to change the ping URL. NetCheck works again.

… URL.


EmailTweetor v2018.04.24 for Android adds Erase button


  • An erase icon has been added to the Twitter text box.
  • Added website icon to title bar. Earlier, it had a back button that crashed the whole thing.
  • The reply icon does not float.
  • The Twitter text counter has been moved up.

    Subhash Comic Viewer v2018.04.22 for Android fixes file selector dialog bug 

    The # symbol is valid for file and directory names. However, in a URL, it is considered a marker for an intra-page bookmark. If such symbols are URL encoded in the published HTML page, then many browsers fail to display the page correctly. Retaining the exact names from the comic archive in the page is therefore not viable. This version of Subhash Comic Viewer safe-renames all files and directories of the extracted comic archive.

    Another bug that was fixed was in the file selector. In my Karbonn phone, it crashes in the lala land between the internal storage and the memory card. The fix has been applied to the file manager in Subhash Browser too.

    APK installer: http://vsubhash.com/article.asp?id=132&info=Subhash_Comic_Viewer_for_Android

    Subhash Comic Viewer v2014.04.23