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How to write citations with Markdown & retain links in your article’s references section

I use Markdown to write articles but it surprisingly does not support citations. Markdown simply removes all references after it creates hyperlinks in the output. Today, I was writing an article today with markdown and decided to find a solution. … Continue reading

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RSS feeds of popular Indian newspapers and magazines

The mobile version of newspaper websites do not provide links to their RSS feed. So, use the browser disguise option of Subhash Browser to browse these web pages. All India Radio News Online All India Radio News Bulletins (MP3 audio) … Continue reading

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Use environment-friendly soaps, not detergents

In a previous blog post titled How to make lye soap, I had mentioned that bathing soaps can be made at home. Recently, while shopping in a moffusil area in Kerala, I stumbled upon laundry soap brands. When I was … Continue reading

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