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Subhash Browser & Feed Reader for Android v2017.09.21 adds feeds DB backup, Google News RSS support & fixes

I have an old tablet which gets extremely slow intermittently. Of late, the app has been crashing during these lockups and taking the news feed DB with it. When I restart the app, there are no feeds. So, I have … Continue reading

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Subhash Browser & RSS Feed Reader v2017.09.01 for Android pursues http redirects

The AndroidWithoutStupid library was updated to pursue http redirects (301, 302, 303). Subhash Browser is now able to download files from redirected URLs. Latest APKs are available at:

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Subhash Browser for Android v2017.08.27 has a solution for slow internet connections

Sometimes, well… most of the time, the Information Superhighway is slow. No, this update can’t improve speeds. In a previous update, I added the option of hiding the title bar of the app. After this, it became impossible to check … Continue reading

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Subhash Comic Viewer v2017.08.20 for Android brings separate print CSS stylesheet

Now, you can print your comics. HTML web pages can have separate stylesheets for screen and the print. This update generates a different stylesheet for print. If you copy the extracted directory to your desktop computer and print the index.html … Continue reading

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RIP Michael J Kaplan (of Sorting It All Out blog)

If MS (Multiple Sclerosis) did not kill him, then another MS (Microsoft) certainly had helped him meet fate. In his heyday, Michael Kaplan was one of the most popular guys on MSDN (a Microsoft website devoted to software developers.) At … Continue reading

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How to write citations with Markdown & retain links in your article’s references section

I use Markdown to write articles but it surprisingly does not support citations. Markdown simply removes all references after it creates hyperlinks in the output. Today, I was writing an article today with markdown and decided to find a solution. … Continue reading

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Create a Twitter Archive – A PDF dump of all tweets from an account

I have 51 tweets in my @SubhashBrowser account. So, this command will create the Twitter dump. bash twitter-to-pdf.txt SubhashBrowser 51 Subhash TweetsToRSS must be running when you execute this command. You also need wkhtmltopdf and pdftk installed. The content of … Continue reading

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