“400 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone” by V. Subhash published as paperback and Kindle eBook download

A 171-page 470-joke subset of the 2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone is now available for order on Amazon.com

I reduced the paperback price by $2 today because I need to order a copy.

The book is available as

The eBook is a full-color print-replica. The paperback is black-and-white or rather grayscale printing. There is only one joke section (“Journalism Jokes”) that requires color printing. To print the entire book in color print because of just one color chapter increases the cost sky-high. There is only one picture in that section that requires color so I have made it available for free in the jokes listed in the newly published excerpts.

Today, I noted that the physics, chemistry and biology joke sections did not have enough jokes and increased them to two pages minimum. The total number of jokes in the book is now above 470. Some unusual mistakes were also found and corrected.

How to search for 400 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone on Amazon

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