Kate Bush – What a woman! And, Luv!

80s music seems like inexhaustible energy resource

Kate Bush was very popular in the 80s as a pop star. She wrote the lyrics, composed the music and also produced the videos. Many of her songs are considered experimental in style and content. I saw her “Moving” video recently and instantly became a fan. She combines interpretive dance and mime to go with her music. This makes her videos look a bit like Bharatanatyam. She is a one-woman army of music! Apparently, she started writing the lyrics when she was very young, published many songs and albums, and became very famous with fan clubs all over UK and beyond. In her some of her older songs, she has a squeaky and almost comical voice. You get to ignore it after a while. I do not know if she did this deliberately. Her newer songs seem to have a more mature normal-sounding voice. My favorite Kate Bush songs are Moving, Babushka, and Sensual World. The meaning of the lyrics are a little difficult to understand, particularly in the absence of context. Because Kate was a jane of all trades, the music mixing is not as great as it could have been. When you play them in a music system, the sound stage seems subdued. Of course, I am nitpicking.

Luv was a three-girl pop group from The Netherlands. Many of their songs were available in English but they were popular mostly in Europe. Marga Scheide and José Hoebee were always part of the lineup but the third one was changed several times. Marga Scheide has a million-dollar smile and the team’s youthfulness seems to rub off positively on young and old. My favourite Luv songs are Trojan Horse, One more little kissie, My number one… all of them. Luv was a manufactured music team like the 90s Spice Girls. The promoters brought out of the best in the girls’ performance and combined it with the best that other professionals could provide. As a result, Luv’s songs can be blasted from a hi-fi system for good effect.

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