Masculinity and femininity

Added to 2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone under ‘political jokes’.

When you say ‘feminine charm’, are you implying that men do not have charm? When you say ‘feminine beauty’, are you claiming that men cannot be beautiful? Men are handsome and women are beautiful? Let us not bluff. I am sure you get my drift.

In recent years, PC propagandists have been pushing the term ‘toxic masculinity’ to describe abrasive behaviour that men exhibit towards women. Offended men are saying that masculinity means being there to open jars or teaching kids to use swear words. Both sides are wrong. Here are the correct definitions:

  • Masculinity: personal qualities of a man.
  • Femininity: personal qualities of a woman.
  • Masculine: the nature of a quality found in a man; belonging to a man.
  • Feminine: the nature of a quality found in a woman; belonging to a woman.

Any quality found in a woman is a feminine quality. The sum of all feminine qualities in a woman is her femininity. Not necessarily unique or traditional qualities. The strength in a woman is her feminine strength. Just because it is called feminine strength, it does not mean strength is unique to women. The feminine proclivity to like teary-eyed soaps is a uniquely feminine quality. Men would not like to be caught dead with tears in their eyes. These are uniquely feminine and masculine characteristics.

Being a father is not masculinity. Some men abandon their families. They continue to be masculine but not fathers or husbands. Women work in the military as soldiers and also die fighting in wars. They may have adopted a traditionally masculine role but the roles were not masculine or feminine. Nursing used to be an exclusively feminine domain. (I could have said female domain.) After years of struggle against discrimination, some wimps have broken through the glass ceiling of matriarchy.

How can established lexicographers get it so wrong? You need to have a criminal brain like mine. This is one of many reasons why you should buy my Dictionary of Indian English (DIE) when it is released. Because of PC invading every aspect of life, the lexicon and even grammar will become unrecognizable and understandable in the next few years. That is when my dictionary will become really valuable. It will be unique and traditional. All these other dictionaries will have to adapt to new PC culture and become totally useless.

The old DIE was not very good. Frankly, I am embarrassed by what I had written so many years ago. The new one will be buntastic.

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