Why are there so many countries named Guinea?

This is part of my book 2020 Mint-Fresh Jokes For Everyone. A total of 520 jokes or one-fourth of the book is complete.

There are three countries in Africa with the word Guinea in the name – Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Equatorial Guinea. There is one country in Oceania that Guinea in its name and that is Papua New Guinea. There is a country in South America named Guyana but that name is significantly different from the afore mentioned four. The old British coin guinea, the gold standard, was worth 21 shillings (one pound and one shilling) or 1.05 pounds (one pound and five cents). The gold to make it came from the Gold Coast of Africa on the Gulf of Guinea, now in the country of Ghana. The origin of the name Guinea probably lies in the Portuguese word for black people.

  • Guinea, in West Africa, was formerly known as French Guinea.
  • Guinea-Bissau, in West Africa, was formerly known as Portuguese Guinea.
  • Equatorial Guinea, also in West Africa, was formerly known as Spanish Guinea.
  • Papua New Guinea, the eastern part of the dinosaur-shaped New Guinea island in Oceania, was formerly known as British Guinea and is now an independent country. (West Papua, the western part of the New Guinea island, is now administered by Indonesia.) The island was named New Guinea by the Spanish based on the similarities of the natives with those on the African Guinea coast.

Countries with Guinea in their name

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