Subhash Browser & Feed Reader v2019.03.04 for Android adds RSS support for YouTube

As the Crown Corporation guy says in the movie Fahrenheit 911, “lossa” things. Lossa updates.

YouTube supports RSS feeds for its channels. But, it does not display them or include it in the HTML source. Why? If people subscribe to YouTube anonymously, it might get the traffic but how will it spy on who is watching what?

  • A permanent scrollbar (one that does not fade away) will be available in the two browser tabs. This feature is supported in Android versions 2 and newer.
  • An automatic User JS script (prefixed with ‘_’) has been added, which displays an RSS feed link next to the channel name. It will also add an RSS LINK tag to the HEAD section of the page HTML code. The feed link will appear in Android devices running version 1.6 (Donut) to 8 (Oreo). The feed link will also appear when Subhash Browser is imitating desktop browsers too. (While coding, I was wondering why the script was not working until I realized Subhash Browser was using the desktop Firefox disguise.)

    RSS support for YouTube in Subhash Browser

    Subhash Browser will now automatically display an RSS feed link next to the channel name on YouTube pages

  • Browser disguises have been revamped – Android (1.6, 2, 4, 6, 8), Desktop Firefox (36, 46, 60), Ipad/Iphone.
  • The old automatic YouTube downloader has been made optional and a new one has been added. The new one simply displays the link of the current video. The new one is useless on newer devices where mediastreaming is enabled. The old one continues to parse Javascript and manages to find a URL or that’s what I think it does.
  • A file name dialog will appear if link targets are saved. The animation above shows how this is done. Earlier, when saving YouTube videos, the downloader would change the extension to MP4 after identifying the mime type but the filename was a jumble of numbers. Now, you can provide a meaningful name. Some links might not have a file name but the link will resolve to a file with a name. In these cases, “server choice” option can be chosen. Pressing the Back button cancels the download. A space is added between the extension and the filename so that the filename can be selected and deleted (for a more meaningful name) without disturbing the extension. The link targets in the Feed Reader screen are like earlier (without the dialog) have not been changed.

APK installer and more info:

I have also incorporated the YouTube RSS script into my desktop YouTube AdBlocker and Annoyances Remover script.

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