Double heroes of Hollywood

  • Bert Wheeler & Robert Woolsey: They ruled the 1930s with their comedy and musical act. In many of their movies, they played poor drifters or runaways eager for a break. The quiet and younger Wheeler played the straight guy while the sauve and pretend-sophisticated Woolsey took upon slightly crooked roles. Many of their movies had the adorable Dorothy Lee. The best movies I saw are:

  • Bud Abbot & Lou Costello: They were famous in the 1940s. They were vaudeville actors who moved to radio and then film and television. The fat Costello is the straight gullible guy while Bud Abbot is the scheming type. Costello is not very bright and does not understand words with more than three syllables. This creates several comedic situations in which Bud says something and Costello understands either the literal meaning or the something it sounds like. The most famous of such routines is “Who is on first”. Who or Hu is a player but Costello think he is asking a question. Then, Bud says Watt’s second and Costello thinks “What is second”. Some of their movies that I saw were:
    • Pardon My Sarong
    • Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
    • Abbot and Costello Meet Invisible Man
    • Abbott and Costello Go to Mars
    • Jack and the beanstalk
  • Bing Crosby and Bob Hope: Their “Road to” pictures are famous to this day. Road to Bali, Road to Hong Kong and Road to Singapore are among them. Beautiful actress Dorothy Lamour appeared in many of these movies.
  • Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill: These Italian actors were famous in the 1980s and made

    Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill

    several films set in the US and dubbed in English to the target the larger audience worldwide. Bud Spencer is the tall fat guy and his punches seemed to pack quite a lot of power and that was one of the reasons why people all over the world turned up at cinemas to watch his films. In one movie a tough takes a thick steel road and bends it with his bare hands. Bud Spencer picks up the bent bar and straightens it with his bare hands. Top that! When not being Chuck Norris, Bud Spencer is the most nicest guy except when he has to deal with the crooked blue-eyed Terrence Hill. Because of this, he becomes a hero to all kids who get to watch his films.  Bud Spencer has a website – It is written in the same friendly and jovial character that he played in the movie.

    • Who finds a friend, finds a treasure
    • Double trouble
    • Miami cops

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