Subhash Browser & Feed Reader v2019.01.29 for Android adds “book reader” mode for accessibility & clutter-free article reading

  • I spent the last few days creating a Greasemonkey Javascript script that would simulate the experience of using ebook readers. The script removes everything but the heading and article and redisplays it using an “accessible” stylesheet. It will not work on all pages. HTML5 pages with the recommended usage will display fine. Most mobile websites and sites that dump everything on webpages will fail. On old installations, this new JS file will be installed only if the edit_page.js will is deleted. (This triggers mass copying of all built-in CSS & JS files.) This JavaScript will be available as an independent GreaseMonkey script soon.
    Book View button in Subhash Browser

    The new “book reader” or “article view” mode in Subhash Browser.

  • The download manager has stop (pause) and start (resume) menu options for individual downloads. I don’t know when I added these options. They seem new.
  • A bug in the creation of internal RSS files for All India Radio and AP news was fixed. These feeds will have to be removed and added again.
  • Deleting an old feed does not lock up the app, as it files are deleted in a background thread.
  • When Javascript is disabled, the Feeds and the new Book View button will also get disabled.
  • Feeds button will display an error message if the page does not have any feeds instead of displaying a perplexing empty list.
  • Desktop browser disguises have been updated newer UA strings. Twitter displays the mobile page even on desktop browsers if the version is a few years old.
  • The title of a loading page appears much earlier than it used to. There is an onReceivedTitle event which I did not think of using earlier and waited for the onPageFinished event to display the title.
  • RDF feed support became missing after I added support for Techtree’s broken RSS feed. Now that it is fixed, Techtree will now be broken. Their RSS not only lacks an XML tag, it has two root tags!!!

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