BloombergQuint protects its paywall using a CSS filter!!!

They are selling one-year subscription for Rs. 3000.

I mailed BloombergQuint a few days ago but they don’t care. They seem to think that even if someone figures this out, it is still a hassle to do this on all pages. I have a GreaseMonkey script that does this automatically on all their pages. Not that I read the site every day.

Open the browser’s console and disable the fuzzy container’s filter and the page’s content is visible.

BloombergQuint is one of the few remaining independent news organizations. The Quint was in the news recently when Modi govt raided their offices after some explosive Rafale deal-related stories and IT officials were found cloning the contents of journalists’ phones and computers.

It seems that their subscribers’ support is thin.


  1. V Subhash

    No, not anymore. They now have truncated text. I noted last week or before that their article content was not getting displayed. I thought I had to update the script but apparently they have finally decided to implement a real paywall. The Greasemonkey script is useless now.


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