Subhash TweetsToRSS v2018.12.05 for Linux/Mac/Windows – faster processing of permanent offline images

I use TweetsToRSS to archive tweets in an email client. To ensure that I have access to all images even if an account is closed or a tweet is deleted by the account holder, I use the permanent offline images option.

The permanent offline image uses text encoding of the image and this is very time consuming. The original logic was also inefficient. It would download an image and encode it and then proceed to the next image. As a result, RSS readers took several minutes to receive a response to a feed request. My email client would timeout the connection to TweetsToRSS and failed to update my Twitter RSS feeds.

In this update, TweetsToRSS downloads and encodes all images (including profile pictures) simultaneously in background threads. This improves the response times to the requests from email client and the RSS feeds get update without fail.

This update can be downloaded from

Screenshot of the feed content source

TweetsToRSS encodes images as text faster.

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