Subhash Browser & Feed Reader app for Android v2018.10.22 generates RSS feeds for All India Radio news

Believe it or not, I used to listen to All India Radio news using my app every day. A few months back, they removed the RSS feed after of course a site redesign. So, I added the ability to generate RSS feeds for this website in Subhash Browser. Subhash Browser also gains the ability to load RSS data from files in local storage memory. I don’t know who stores RSS data on files like that but if there is a use case, rest assured that it is now supported. In the Address field, the file location must be prefixed with “file://”. For example, “file:///sdcard/rss-file.xml”

RSS feed generated by Subhash Browser for All India Radio

Subhash Browser generates an internal RSS file for All India Radio news.

If the Language setting of Subhash Browser is changed to Malayalam, Tamizh, Kannada, Hindi or Urdu (before loading the feed reader), then a filter will be added to the AIR news feed for that language. Otherwise, the feed will be unfiltered and each update will bring news in more than a dozen languages. Unfortunately, Modi government has removed Urdu news. I have added the filter in the hope that it will be available in future. I read Hindi with difficulty so support for Hindi news in the RSS feed can be expected in the distant future.

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