Dhruv Rathee’s magical power to restore electricity supply

I listen to some Youtube channels such as those of Max Keiser and Dhruv Rathee as audio files rather than watch them as videos. The Youtube-DL program has an option to download them as M4As and use Ffmpeg to convert the audio to media player-friendly MP3 files.

My area suffers from mysterious power cuts several times a day, sometimes even a dozen times a day. It can be as if some monkeys have taken over the controls. (This is totally different from the disturbances in the voltage that made my UPSes (TV & computer), fridge and modem go crazy. I wrote the NetCheck app for Android/Linux/Mac/Windows to combat it. The fridge required a separate voltage stabilizer. Samsung says the fridge has an internal stabilizer, which proved useless against the machinations of the monkeys.)

So, when the power goes out I listen to my DIY boombox, which runs off a 3.7 volt tablet battery. It is not loud but its neodymium magnets ensure that during power cuts houses in the immediate neighborhood can hear it clearly.

One thing I noted was that whenever Rathee audio folder begins to be played, the power gets restored immediately. I have had been able to test this almost every other day over the last few months and I can tell you it has never failed.

Dhruv Rathee publishes videos on very critical issues affecting the nation.


Dhruv has an unknown power – the power to restore electricity!

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