Planned Obsolescence causes “This page requires some information that was not provided. Please …”

Google’s sneaky way of forcing you to upgrade your phone. It supported the HTTPS Everywhere campaign for non-altruistic reasons.

Many of my old Android devices are in good working condition – except the browser. The browser is unable to access many HTTPS websites. Google has made it impossible to update the CA certificate stores in Android devices knowing well this would render the devices unable to access websites using new SSL certificates. My LG phones has been quite a dog from the beginning. I have now decided to use it merely as a media player. Still, I wanted to see if TweetsToRSS would work. Hell no!

Twitter authentication fails in browsers on old Android devices

Subhash TweetsToRSS and EmailTweetor need authentication (a secret PIN generation) by Twitter. This is done using a browser app. When Google renders browser apps obsolete, there seems to be no way to authenticate these apps. No matter which browser you use, the Twitter PIN generation page throws the error “This page requires some information that was not provided. Please return to the site that sent you to this page and try again… it was probably an honest mistake.” Very misleading and uninformative.

  1. One way to avoid this problem is to email the Twitter authentication URL to a newer device or your desktop/laptop computer. Perform the authentication there and generate the PIN. Then type the PIN in your obsoleted device.
    How to email the Twitter authentication URL
  2. For TweetsToRSS, I have provided another solution. Copy the Twit.bin generated by the desktop version and copy it to your storage device.
    TweetsToRSS accepts Twit.bin file (from the desktop version) if copied to the top of your storage device.

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