Bike Trip to Palani – 2

Last month, I went to Pazhani again. This time, I took a bypass to the hill and saw a government-run parking lot. (You miss it when you come via town centre.)

Unlike the previous time, I decided not to climb the hill on empty stomach. I left home early morning after a coffee and no breakfast. So, first thing I did upon reaching the Pazhani was to have breakfast. This I hoped would enable me climb the hill without taking breaks. No such luck. I took two breaks. Where was I going wrong? I had been to Pazhani two or three times before by car and I did not have to take breaks. Maybe that was it – car. My legs were tired riding the bike. I couldn’t believe legs could get tired by riding a bike. Apparently, this can happen. On the way back, I wanted to go to an ATM and I found that I couldn’t take easy steps. Maybe, next time, I will take a car and see if I am any good.

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