Subhash Browser & Email Tweetor updated to support automatic tweet replies & GIF animation

  • Subhash Browser has been updated to transmit the Twitter message URL to EmailTweetor from the feed reader. When EmailTweetor receives such a message, it automatically sets the “tweet” URL as the reply-to URL.

    A feed message sent from the feed reader of Subhash Browser to EmailTweetor.

    (Of course, if you choose to do this sort of reply, then you will have to delete the text that has been automatically copied to the “Twitter message” text box and type your reply in situ.)
  • EmailTweetor can now spread a message on up to 10 conjoined “tweets”.
  • EmailTweetor now stops dropping newlines.
  • EmailTweetor can now tweet animated GIFs. Many file pickers cannot provide the file location of the picked image. Hence, EmailTweetor converts the picked file to a temporary non-animated PNG. The new text box for pasting the image file location by passes file pickers and allows upload of images without any conversion to a useless PNG. You can copy the file location of image from the file explorer of Subhash Browser.

    Text box to manually paste the file location in EmailTweetor

BTW, this GIF animation was created using the open-source app Fissure from and tweeted using the updated EmailTweetor.

Download EmailTweetor from:

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