Subhash Browser & Feed Reader v2018.01.17 for Android adds new RSS update option

Earlier, the Update button updated the current RSS feed, as selected by the Feeds button. A different feed could not be updated. If the current feed did not have any new articles, then you will have to idle until the update got finished. If the Internet connection or the device is slow, then more waiting. Now, if you long-press the Update button a menu shows up allowing you to select any feed to be updated in the background. It does not switch the reading list until the download & processing is finished.

The feed reader used to crash if you switched to the browser in the middle of an update and returned back to the feed reader & tried to change the feed. A bug in the audio notification logic causing this crash has been fixed.

The integrated file explorer now opens local HTML web pages in the browser without showing a dialog of compatible apps (browsers, HTML Viewer, text editor, etc). This happens only if the file explorer was opened from the browser using the Open file option. Also, the explorer now remembers the last directory.

If the file explorer was opened from the main menu, the dialog will continue to be available.


Subhash Browser is a better-than-Chrome browser for Android with a built-in RSS feed reader and UI in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Urdu.


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