Subhash Browser & Feed Reader for Android v2017.09.21 adds feeds DB backup, Google News RSS support & fixes

I have an old tablet which gets extremely slow intermittently. Of late, the app has been crashing during these lockups and taking the news feed DB with it. When I restart the app, there are no feeds. So, I have made the feed reader to take an automatic daily backup. You can restore the DB from the previous days backup from the menu.


The other update spoofs Google News into thinking the browser is the good old Opera 12x. What’s the benefit? At the bottom of the page you will find the RSS feed link for that page. Apparently, Google has all previous versions of their search under live source control. If you search from an old browser, the front end of the search page is from the browser’s time but the results backend is from the present. The Opera browser ID is from a time before Google and others declared an unofficial war on RSS.


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