Javadhu powder – a healthy non-toxic non-alcoholic perfume


Muslims use attar because it is not based on alcohol. Similarly, Javadhu powder is a traditional cosmetic used in South India for millennia. Today, it is made by village self-help groups and others on a cottage industry scale.

Last year, my father gave me a bottle. I had read about it in literature but never used it before. The bottle ran out recently and I got a new one from a shop selling pooja articles. It costs less than 20 ruppees.

In the previous bottle, the powder had become dry. It still was very fragrant. The powder is slightly moist and the bottle needs to be tightly capped. Instructions in the bottle suggest taking a pinch in the palm and adding a drop of water before applying to the body. I simply rub the powder in the chest hair and arm pits. The fragrance does not go away even after a day!

Javadhu is an economical and safer alternative to sprays and deodorants. Currently, this is the only cosmetic I use apart from coconut oil & shikakai (soap nut powder).

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