Richard MacCutchan – A troll hired by Google and operating at CodeProject?

When I wrote my first AndroidWithoutStupid article on CodeProject, this “Richard MacCutchan” had posted a negative comment.

When I published the recent “User Scripts (JS) and User Styles (CSS)” article, the same “Richard MacCutchan” came back, this time as a moderator. He marshalled a few others (Jochen Arndt, OriginalGriff, ProgramFOX, Sascha Lefèvre), probably trolls like him, to not only ban the article and also close my account.

A negative comment is no big deal. But, when the same person deletes that article by closing its account, well… this guy is a stalker. By the time my account and articles were removed, this “MacCutchan” dude had deleted his comment, as he was then posing as a moderator. Fortunately, CodeProject e-mails all comments and this is how I can display the screenshot of the deleted comment.

The first email asked me to provide a reference to the original article. When I did that, I got a mail informing me that my account has been closed. An astounding reason was given – one that I had trolled “10 times!”

I e-mailed CodeProject that I had followed instructions in the email and yet my account was closed. They said that some guy on HubPages, that outpost of web scrapers, had the original article. Apparently, some douchebag copied the article from OSFY website and “Richard & Co.” reasoned that that was the original article. Later, CodeProject mailed that the article and my account was restored but a more prominent reference was needed as per their plagiarism rules. I added a prominent reference right below the title and updated the article. CodeProject allows reposting an article, provided that I held the rights to the article ( I do as I am the original author and I used the version before OSFY made their edits.

Again, the same troll got his gang to delete the article and close my account, despite my new note. I wrote another email to CodeProject telling them that the other articles of the hubpages guy were also copied from other sources from the web and there was no reason to deign him as an original. Eventually, the article and the account was restored. CodeProject also posted a comment asking moderators not to “report the article”. The article eventually made it to the CodeProject email newsletter on 5th May.

This "Richard MacCutchan" seems to be a troll hired by Google and masquerading as a moderator on CodeProject.

This “Richard MacCutchan” seems to be a troll hired by Google and masquerading as a moderator on CodeProject.

Google does not just read your email; it also spies on you.

Update: Apparently, the troll snaked his way to this blog post and responded with a post on CodeProject Forums titled “Who is the troll?” Yes, one should question oneself this way. I am not sure how much of a Google troll he is but he is a persistent little feller. Anyway, my policy is “Don’t feed the trolls”.

Troll asks a question.

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One Response to Richard MacCutchan – A troll hired by Google and operating at CodeProject?

  1. Omkar says:

    I had same experience with him. As a fresher I asked some question on code-project and this troll Richard MacCutchan, not just wrote negative comment but also discouraged me to ask questions. One of the worst person on code-project I have ever seen!


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