Motorola MotoDev Studio for Android Linux 64-bit IDE download

I have only the 64-bit version:

MotoDev Studio is the best Android IDE to develop Android apps. That is, if you are never going to above API SDK 16. (Current is 22/23). MotoDev Studio can also display the emulator within an Eclipse view. It need not necessarily be in a separate unwieldy window. After Motorola was bought by Google, they stopped supporting the IDE. It is now abandonware. Installing newer SDK would make the entire installation useless. You can create apps for up to Lollipop (SDK 22) – just change the SDK number in Manifest.xml. For the newer SDK (M Preview), this shortcut will not work, as the permissions system has changed considerably. You might want to install regular Eclipse with ADT and the latest SDK. My attempts with Eclipse were a failure. The emulator fails to load. I loath to install Android Studio. There is an AndMore project that supports gradle and all the new junk introduced by Google. AndMore is yet to catch up with M Preview.

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