A look back at a few old phones

I owned this Samsung SCH N356 phone for about an year in 2005. Everyone asked me to buy a phone but I thought it would be a waste. I finally bought one when I needed to switch jobs and had to answer phone calls. This was claimed to be the slimmest mobile phone at that time. It was the cheapest too and that worked for me. Later, I gave the phone to my father. Somebody thief stole it from him. It was a CDMA phone and worked only with Reliance network, which at that time provided very cheap mobile connectivity.

Samsung Slim SCH N356

Motorola RAZR V3 seems to have started the craze for owning mobile phones. I still use this phone. It can run Java (J2ME) apps including a Cell Broadcast Message app that made.
Motorola V3 RAZR

My first Android phone. Very expensive at that time. One of the few to have a keyboard. Works fine. SSL-sites such as Twitter or Facebook don’t work, which is just fine for me. My Subhash Browser & Feed Reader supports the Android version made for this phone – Donut or 1.6.
Sony X10 Mini Pro

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