Download Any YouTube Video From Anywhere 2016 – User JS for Opera 12.x, Firefox and Android

SCREENSHOT-Subhash-Browser-YouTube-Video-DownloadMy Internet connection does not allow me to play videos live. I need to download them first and then play them. I used to use a FireFox extension called Download YouTube as FLV and MP4 for this. However, my primary browser is Opera 12.x. Today, I decided to write a User JS that would provide the same functionality in Opera 12.x. (The Opera browser company does not provide 12x anymore. They sold out and provide a crappy Chrome imitation.) UPDATE: I adapted this script for my Android browser app and also created a Greasemonkey version for Firefox. On Youtube pages, it displays a drop-down list with download options in various formats. On other pages that have inline videos, it adds a download button. (Check