Adding MORE POWER to puny speakers

A recurring theme in Tim Allen’s show-in-a-show Tool Time (Home Improvement) was MORE POWER. Tim Allen used to take regular devices and boost them up with more high-rated components. My last two DIY projects are like that.

A website was selling a portable USB speaker at a discounted price of Rs. 53. (The delivered piece does not look like the photo on the website.) I was not successful in applying the discount but a co-worker managed to do so. However, he was disappointed to find that that it used a puny speaker with almost no power in its output. I replaced the original speaker with a regular better-rated one. The circuit board uses a PAM 8002 speaker amplifier IC. It is originally meant for cell phone speakers but it is able to drive this speaker as well, but not as great as the PAM 8403.

Original plastic speaker and the bigger paper speaker.

I hot-glued the speaker at the top. Now, the middle part needs to be covered up.