How to install Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference DVD in Linux

I have the 2012 version of Encylopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference DVD and it works only in Windoze. It can however be made to work in Linux with wine.

Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference DVD software running on Linux using Wine

The Britannica DVD also uses Adobe Flash. So, you need to then install gnash (Gnu Flash). I installed Adobe Flash instead of gnash. (I know it is a nasty spyware.) I managed to snatch a copy of install_flash_player_32bit.exe from Adobe website using the Naviscope Internet desktop proxy software. (When some software starts a download, Naviscope will show a visual indicator of the download and allow you to copy its URL.)

Adobe Flash download URL copied using Naviscope

After installing Wine and Gnash/Adobe Flash, you can open the DVD and select the installer .exe just like in Wine. After installation, the software cannot just run by clicking the launcher installed on the Desktop. The software requires you set “current” directory before the software is launched. On my computer, I have created a bash script eb.txt. (I use txt extension for all bash scripts as I don’t want scripts to be launched inadvertently.)

cd "/home/your-username/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Britannica/Ultimate Reference Suite"
wine starter.exe

I then created a launcher (shortcut) for sh /path-to/eb.txt on the desktop. I also set its icon to /home/your-username/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Britannica/Ultimate Reference Suite/starter.ico.

Advanced Compiz graphical desktop effects and Flash don’t not seem mix well. You may need to set the Desktop Effects (gnome-appearance-properties) to normal to let the Flash interface load in full.

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