How To Make A BSNL Dialup Internet Connection On Linux Using Gnome PPP And WVDial

Assuming you have a dialup modem already, you will also need a serial port and Gnome-PPP software

Most motherboards these days do not have a serial port. They do however have an internal serial header or connector (refer the layout diagram in the motherboard manual).
The serial port header may be marked as COM or COM1. (Why COM1? It wasn't unusual for motherboard in "those days" to have more than one serial ports.)

You can buy purchase a 16-pin DB9 serial port back-panel bracket for the 10-pin serial port header on the motherboard.


After that connect your modem to the serial port on the bracket. Then power the modem using an 9v AC-AC power adaptor. Then install gnome-ppp.

sudo apt-get install gnome-ppp

Use 172222 for the phone number. Uncheck wait for dial tone. Use for the user name and netone for the password. There is no need to register for dialup access or create an account for it. The service is automatically available for all BSNL landlines.

Click on the Log button to check the progress. Unless you see that DNS servers have been assigned to your connection, you will not be able to browse the Net.

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