Aero India 2013 @ Yelahanka Air Force Base, Bangalore – Photos and Video

F-16 fighter aircraft


Boeing C-17 Globemaster

From the Deccan Herald (

India now buys American transport planes which cannot accommodate its existing force tanks in the new aircraft. Amazingly, they are also spending twice the amount of money for these new planes.


Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) aka Dhruv

The Dhruv helicopterss were beautifully painted and did spectacular flying stunts and formations.


This is the weaponized combat version of the ALH – Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) aka Rudra.

Mikoyan 8 (Mi-8) Medium-lift Helicopter

This Mi-8 medium-lift helicopter was not part of any stunts. It made rounds around the tarmac during breaks.

Sukhoi 27 (Su-27) aka Russian Knights

This is the big payoff for visiting an event like this – two aircraft going past each other at great spreed and at tree-top level.

Because of ideological issues with “humanitarian bombing,” I don’t like the American aircraft. If I had known these were the Russian Knights flying Sukhoi 27 (Su-27), I would have happily cheered them. The crowd of course had no such problem and greatly liked their aerobatic stunts. The Russian Knights were easily the best-liked stunt team on Sunday.

Indians should remember that it was American aircraft that prompted China to leave Arunachal Pradesh in 1962. The aircraft came to India after Nehru cut down his rhetoric, put his tail between his hind legs and wrote to the US President Kennedy for military help. One ideological partner invaded India and another one (Soviet Union) dilly-dallied on military support.
The Russian Sukhoi 27 team was the loudest of all visitors. If I close my eyes, I can still hear them.

Dassault Aviation’s Rafale Fighter Jet

The Rafale from the darned French was thunder itself.

Sukhoi 30 (Su-30 MKI) Fighter Jet

The overwhelming response was “Omigod, the pilot of the Sukhoi aircraft actually waved at us!”

Red Bull Flying Team

Is the Czech Red Bull team part of the military? The Indian Air Force let Red Bull invade the spectator area and put up stalls there. (Recently, there was an article in the NYT where it was finally decided to let people know that energy drinks were just sugar, caffeine and water.

Anyway, the dare-devilry of the Red Bull team was second to none.