Winamp Skins and Equalizer Presets For Audacious 2 in Linux

Audacious2 is a great audio player for Linux. It has numerous plugins. Its native UI may look like this.

Audacious 2 GTK Interface

It also has a built-in Winamp skin. You can also use your collection of Winamp skins to style the interface. Here is my collection of very old Winamp skins from the time when Winamp was slim and svelte ( Extract the skins to the directory /usr/share/audacious/Skins.

Enable the Winamp Interface

Right click on Audacious and select View » Interface » Winamp Classic Interface from the menu. This will enable the Winamp skinned interface and Audacious will show its default Winamp skin.

Enable Classic Winamp Skins

You can enable the skins that you have copied by right-clicking on Audacious and select Preferences » Skinned Interface from the menu. Here, check the option Allow loading incomplete skins.
Classic Winamp skins for Audicious 2 in Linux

Enable Winamp Presets

It doesn’t stop with skins. Audacious also has support for Winamp graphic equalizer presets. You can create a file named eq.presets and use the raw text content from and then copy the file to your ~/.config/audacious directory. I got these presets from another website.

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